Virtue Yacht Refit Management responds to a need for superyacht refits to be granted the dedication and professionalism they deserve. Many years of working for both Owners and shipyards have shown that the most successful refits were those that were well prepared and carried out by dedicated professionals truly representing the interests of the yacht Owner.  
  Virtue Refit assures that every project is given the independent commitment that ensures the refit facility will perform at its best, in the agreed timeframe and within budget. All this, obviously, with the quality that a superyacht merits.

  Bob Wagemakers, M.Eng, C.Eng, Fellow Member Royal Institution of Naval Architects  

Before and during his education as a naval architect at The University of Southampton, Bob Wagemakers was involved in the operation and refitting of large yachts. He sailed on chartered superyachts and carried out various refits of these yachts on behalf of their Owners.
After working as a principal naval architect at a yacht design and engineering firm, he then spent 6 years as a senior project manager at one of the world’s most prominent superyacht refit yards. There, he headed the largest and most resource intensive projects.
From 2009 to 2011 Bob worked intensively on improving the quality and certainty aspects of the Refit sector as the Chairman of the ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Group.
Between 2013 and 2023, Bob led the Owner’s supervisory team in the design, engineering and construction of one of the top 10 largest yachts in the world.
Having always worked on a basis of virtues such as diligence, integrity, professionalism and respect, Bob has an impressive track record of successful high−profile refit projects. With experience accrued by working in many different countries, understanding their cultures and speaking 4 languages fluently, Bob’s diplomacy and leadership will benefit every project.