People own yachts for one main reason; to enjoy them.

Maintaining the yacht in an aesthetically pleasing and technically sound condition will ensure continuous enjoyment.

Virtue Yacht Refit Management will enhance the refit and maintenance side of yacht ownership by making it an overall smoother and more cost effective experience, in less time:

True and hands−on experience in planning and managing over 60 successful refit projects of yachts from 30m to well over 100m, power and sail, steel, aluminium, FRP.
A powerful synergy between having worked for Owners and shipyards in operation, naval architecture, technical project management and team management.
In‐depth knowledge of managing all day‐to‐day aspects of refits, their costs, their problems and their solutions.
A highly qualified professional at the centre closely cooperating with and listening to the desires and needs of the Owner, Captain, Manager and crew to establish and prepare the project scope and all its implied works and services.
Limiting the number of simultaneous refits so that your project gets the dedication it deserves.
Effectively bringing together and leading all parties involved in a refit.
A strong industry network and good relationships with shipyards and key suppliers.

Virtue Yacht Refit Management ‐ A true investment in successful refits